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Listen to some of the most creative aspects of this amazing artist. Between Amilian and her team, the music just keeps flowing but she keeps a lot of it out of the public’s eye. She says she is waiting for the perfect moment. “Timing is everything,” says Amilian.

Amilian’s story has the power to touch the hearts of many. She takes her time in all that she does, but when she loves, she loves hard. Even though she has been through so much, she continues to record music as it is her passion.

“Music has definitely been a huge part of my life, I never wanted the fame. I just wanted to be myself” -Amilian

Amilian is in charge of her life and her music,” says Shannon Heupel of The Montgomery Advertiser

“I won’t chase a music label or thousands of fans because I am unapologetically me, if they can’t see my worth, that is their loss.” – Amilian

Amilian says she just likes to do music as it gives her a complete outlet to get off her chest any emotions she may be feeling.

When her father died, she wrote a very heartfelt song in remembrance of him. He was her best friend.

If you do get a chance to hear any of Amilian’s music be sure to listen for the versatility she creates in each song. She prides herself as a strong writer of many genres, but her favorite is rap music.

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The Milli’s World promo mixtape was created to give Amilian’s fans a glimpse of her real world. 

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"Werk" Twerk Video

by Amilian

Performing Live

by Amilian

Performing Live

by Amilian

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