Amilian The Entrepreneur

Having PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression from all her various traumas, Amilian struggles to pull through creating something out of nothing for her family. Amilian The Entrepreneur. Sounds great and all but she struggles daily to keep up. Not to mention, Amilian was diagnosed with Epilepsy (seizure disorder) around the age of 5. The doctors feel it was due to being born 3 months early. The odds are automatically against her but she keeps her head held high. To be more specific, Epilepsy is a disease characterized by an enduring predisposition to generate epileptic seizures and by the neurobiological, cognitive, psychological, and social consequences of this condition. Translation: a seizure is an event and epilepsy is the disease involving recurrent unprovoked seizures.

Having Epilepsy also means you can have scary triggers. For example, some seizures may occur while sleeping or even when waking up. Sometimes you may notice that some triggers bother you only when a lot is going on at once or during a “high risk” time for them, like when they are under a lot of stress or even sick.

What Are Some Commonly Reported Triggers?

Yes you read that correctly. These triggers are just COMMON sources. This does not include the ones unknown. Some known inconveniences keeps Amilian from doing most of the things she wants to do. Amilian’s manager even has to contact clubs where Amilian will be performing in advance to ensure they do not have any type of strobe lighting inside the building or on stage. The smallest amounts of stress or a poor diet always makes her feel sick. Nonetheless, she tries anyway.

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Amilian not only has a passion for creating music but she also is the proud business owner of Pocket Assistant. Amilian holds many titles in the business industry such as being a Web Developer, CEO, Partner, Affiliate, Graphic Designer, Producer, Photographer, Engineer, Musician, Make-Up Artist, Tattoo Artist, Sketch Artist, Creative Thinker, Clothing Designer, Nail Tech, and literally so much more! She is so talented beyond belief. Her disease has kept her from being efficient in getting her degree so she is self-taught on EVERYTHING she does. Having a business mind with a brain disease is very hard at times as you lose your memory a lot and have to write it down. Well, then you have to remember to look at your notes before it is too late. You might have a project due and all of a sudden you get a terrible migraine and have to lay down before you faint.

Can you imagine what she goes through as a mom?! Well, you are just going to have to wait for that blog to come out. To connect with Amilian on her social sites, click here.

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