Amilian waits on Wikipedia

The Requested Articles section on Wikipedia has many artists waiting for their chance at a biography section to be recognized as an artist. Amilian waits on Wikipedia also. The problem mainly occurs when an artist doesn’t have a professional writer that knows how to specifically write Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia has many rules and regulations to go by. The sad part is, you are not allowed to hire someone to write the articles. Articles are written by volunteers that choose which articles they want to write about. This method prevents so many talented artists from getting the recognition they deserve. Having a Wikipedia bio page is everything to Amilian. That’s why she needs your help.

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If you are a professional Wikipedia writer and want to help out the long waiting list of artists like Amilian, it would be a complete blessing for them all. Click here to go to the Requested Articles Section on Wikipedia. Must follow the Wikipedia rules and regulations of writing an article or it will not get approved. For tips on how to write an article that will get approved, click here.

Do you want to listen to music by Amilian? Go to her music page here. Browse her website for other information! If you need to speak with a member of management please email and someone will get back to you quickly. We truly appreciate all the love you guys show.

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