How Amilian Got Her Name

How Amilian Got Her Name

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This story starts right when Amilian started doing rap music. She started hanging out with a guy who claimed he could put her on in the music industry. This guy filled Amilian's head with hopes and dreams that she soon realized was just a hustle. They dated briefly and he had a tattoo on his arm that read "Amil". He gave her that name and told her that she was his "Mil".  In other words, she became his "Million Dollar" good luck charm. He also told her if they ever separated and she used the name he would literally kill her.

Amilian was super rebellious during that time in her life. When she noticed that he was only using her she took her new name and gave it her own twist. To Amilian, this was a representation of not letting people take advantage of her. Hence how the name Amilian was born into her chapter. She made it her own and moved on.

Moving Forward

Not even a year later, Amilian had the name copy-written and registered with her publishing company. This was over 12 years ago and she kept it to this day. Since then there have been many imitators but none can replace her amazing personality and unique style. Amilian has never been one to fall during pressure. Instead, she fights through the toughest battles often with a smile on her face. What she had to go through in her life most people would give up, but not her.

Bright Future

Today, you can find Amilian on tons of sites spreading her music. The tags she uses the most are mostly within her name. For example, #Amilian and #TheRealAmilian are her leading tags. You can also find her on any social site @TheRealAmilian. For instance, This girl will not stop so make sure you follow her on all her social sites especially YouTube.

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