No Longer A Victim

A lot of you may wonder, why has an artist this good stayed hidden away for so long? Well, the answer isn’t easy. However, one good thing is Amilian is no longer a victim. Let me explain… you see… although Amilian has 14+ years of experience in the music industry, she spent 7 of those years living in fear.

Amilian got married young and started a family with someone she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. They got married and had children together and looked like a normal family on the outside. But what happened when no one was around will shock you. Amilian, TheRealAmilian, the real amilian, musician, artist, rapper, singer, songwriter, trend, hot, viral

It all started in pieces here and there… it always ended with “I’m sorry, I will never hurt you again”. Before she knew it, Amilian found herself as the victim of domestic violence.

Her Dreams Were Shattered

Every time Amilian tried to do anything positive with her music or simply just getting a job, her husband’s insecurity would set in. 

He would pick fights when she tried to focus and break her much-needed equipment. It got to a point that she could actually predict when he would have his fits and she would have to hide anything she didn’t want broken.

Not only is Amilian a great musician, but she is also an artist as well. She had a book with all her drawings that she kept over the years and he ripped them all into pieces. These were all huge discouragements.

Amilian wasn’t the typical person to run and call the police. She felt there must be something wrong with her husband as to why he abuses her. They went to a psychologist which ended up getting him diagnosed with several mental disorders. 

Hiding The Pain

Talking to people about what was going on was hard. She was constantly hiding her bruises and scars as she was ashamed of what she has become. A victim? How did it even get this far? The mistake she made was talking to his family members and friends. Trusting the wrong people was a lesson she would soon learn. Most of them always said, “just give him more time, he will stop” or don’t call the cops on him, he will lose his benefits”. 

Amilian felt alone. She went to a few agencies seeking help for women of domestic violence. Every time she went, it was always an excuse. She constantly got denied help. She felt stuck. Most nights she would sit in the shower for hours and cry… waiting for him to fall asleep.

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After realizing things were never going to change, Amilian focused on a plan to escape the violence. In 2015, she started a business, Pocket Assistant, and began stashing away as much money as she could.

Being allowed to leave the house was a huge problem so Amilian had to teach herself the skills needed to successfully run a business. She performed the work all alone and quickly made a name for herself.

Eventually, Amilian left her husband and got away from the abuse. How? Well, that is a story for another day. What do you think happened next? Are you or do you know someone that is a victim of domestic violence? If you need help call 800.799.SAFE (7233) or go to when nobody is around to harm you. Click the red X to exit immediately and be taken to Google Search if your abuser returns. 

Amiian is a huge advocate for victims of domestic violence. Never let your emotions override your intelligence, you can do this! Follow Amilian on any social platform @TheRealAmilian for future updates.

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