Why Did Amilian Start Doing Music?

Why Did Amilian Start Doing Music?

Why did Amilian start doing music? Her story is truly captivating. It's hard to get on the same level as someone who had no choice but to be strong.

Amilian started experimenting with music when she was only 5 years old. Her dad bought her a karaoke machine and she instantly fell in love. She would stand in the hallway and pretend to be on stage for everyone in the living room.

Would you believe Amilian started out doing country music at her family's gatherings? It's true! To this day, Amilian loves to go to karaoke bars and sing her heart out. I think it's Amazing that she can be so diverse when it comes to music. She loves genres such as Rap, Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Pop, and Blues.

When Amilian was 20 years old, she met a producer/engineer through friends. They suggested she talk to him about making a song of her own using the poetry she had written. Amilian loved the idea and dove right in. She made her very first song and was amazed at the energy and determination she had. Little did she know things were about to take her for a spin.

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The Setback

Amilian got married and started having children. Her dream of always having a big family was coming true. Or did it? Things were very hard for her and it is an emotional pain no person should ever have to go through. Long story short, Amilian was in an abusive marriage for 7 years staying because she thought it was best for the kids. He would not allow her to do much of anything except stay home with the kids. She couldn't work, visit family or friends, go out to eat, or... do her music anymore.

During the last three years of the abuse, Amilian decided she had to figure out a way to get out and be independent. After all, she had 4 kids and nowhere to go. She created a business that she could do from home just so she could start bringing in her own money. She needed an escape but she put herself in this situation so she wanted to get herself out. Under extreme pressure, Amilian finally had to work and keep pushing forward. Through all the yelling, the cussing, name calling and physical abuse she still made it happen.

Amilian received a phone call one day from her sister demanding her to call a number saying it was very important. With no hesitation, Amilian hung up and called the number worried. A soft but firm male voice answers, "hello?". Amilian quickly said that her sister told her to call the number but she didn't know what was wrong. That's when it all started. The voice on the other end turned out to be her very first real boyfriend. They broke up cause they were kids and never saw each other. This time they became best friends.

Her Escape

For three months straight the pair would hide and talk on the phone every time her husband left to either work or cheat. This guy would comfort her and tell her repeatedly that she was beautiful and deserved better. Yeah, it may seem shady to some of you but she was truly in a bad place that couldn't be repaired or escaped from. This was the only "good" form of contact she had as she wasn't allowed to have friends. He became her escape. She ended up leaving her husband after she fell in love with her best friend.

Not long after they got together, she started doing music again. everything happens for a reason. This guy was a producer and engineer so he pushed her to follow her dreams. He slowly got her out of depression and held her hand through it all. They fought through her being stubborn and through after abuse effects she had from being so hurt. Amilian was finally being pushed to do something SHE wanted to do. She decided to follow her dreams and fully invest herself in the music.

Today, Amilian has released a mixtape and various songs for her fans to enjoy. She has performed at several venues with her favorite being in Atlanta, GA. Amilian has her own personal collection of songs waiting to be released. They are all scheduled to drop this year. Sometimes you just have to fight for what you believe in. Go follow your dreams and don't ever let anyone stop you, from being YOU! Amilian is truly an inspiration because when others would have given up she just kept fighting for what she believed in.

Your Support

So, why did Amilian start doing music? Now that you have learned a preview of her life story, help support her music. She has been through so much that it is time to reach for the stars. Start by subscribing to Amilian's YouTube by clicking here. To read more about Amilian, click here.

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